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About Us

For the past two decades, Pennsylvania’s Latino population has more than doubled – at the edge of reaching 1 million.  This growth has provided challenges and opportunities for public sector entities and private sector progress.

To proactively and intentionally address these changes in demographics, we took some concerted measures translating it into a positive impact for the commonwealth aligning this growth with Pennsylvania’s roadmap to the future. 

  • 2005 – First PA Summit on Educational Excellence for Latino

  • 2005 – First PA Summit on Latino Health

  • 2005 – First PA Summit on Small Business Development

The following years, we continue hosting these events – and others, such as the PA Latina Women Symposium, Lancaster Adelante Education Forum, PA Summit on Latino Mental Health – to provide a platform for data, research and policy agendas to emerge.  However, the community continues lagging in all aspects of progress in our society.  As the fastest growing ethnic group, the consolidation of matters impacting quality of life is paramount for the Latino community of Pennsylvania.

We are thrilled to announce that we are bringing all these events under one umbrella – The Pennsylvania Latino Convention!  And, we want you to be a part of this unprecedented journey as we approach 1 million Latinos in Pennsylvania.  

The Pennsylvania Latino Convention is created to serve as the annual gathering to ignite positive change in local communities across the state while ensuring key stakeholders are accessible, accountable and responsive to the needs of the Latino community.

PALC is an opportunity to assemble the state’s professionals and emerging leaders to tackle issues impacting the fastest growing segment of the population.

Pennsylvania is home to almost 1 million Latinos and is home to the second largest migration of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria, this convention discusses challenges and opportunities for new Pennsylvanians.



Convention – Tuesday, October 29

Pre-Conference Events

Faith-Based Initiative

Welcome Networking Reception

Convention – Wednesday, October 30

Workshops | Institutes | Panels | Plenaries | Town Halls | State Leadership Luncheon |PA Hispanic College Fair | Regional Caucuses | Latino Family Expo | La Sala de mi Abuela Cultural Corner | The Official Pennsylvania State Dinner Latino Gala “Fiesta en Blanco”

Convention – Thursday, October 31

Workshops | Institutes | Panels | Plenaries | Town Halls | National Leadership Luncheon |PA Hispanic College Fair | Latino Family Expo | La Sala de mi Abuela Cultural Corner | 2020 Host City Reception | La Mega’s Marc Anthony Concert



Pennsylvania’s Latino community is the fastest growing segment of the population, accounting for more than fifty-percent of the state’s population growth in the last two decades.  We serve the Latino/Hispanic community through research, policy analysis, and local and state advocacy efforts.

As the community continues to grow in population, it is reflected in the growing needs for capacity building to enhance opportunities intentionally designed to mitigate challenges impacting the potential for growth in all areas of healthy communities.


Our mission is to promote Latino/Hispanic achievements and preparation for local, state, national and global competitiveness by fostering excellence and ensuring equal access to all aspects of Pennsylvania’s shared prosperity and responsibility.


In the 1990s, Lillian Escobar-Haskins created the first-ever Pennsylvania Latino conference, which serves as a platform for a statewide Latino agenda.  This effort continued for many years with the contributions of numerous individuals, businesses and organizations.  This conference ceased to exist, however, its impact resulted in positive change for Latino communities across the state.  To honor and respect their legacy, we are founding the Pennsylvania Latino Convention.